« Without doubt the best funk record in a long time »

Citizen Jazz – June 2013

The origin of the group’s name comes from the famous jazz-funk group « The Headhunters ».
The group ‘s musical colors reach from Herbie Hancock to James Brown, from Maceo Parker to Sly and the Family Stone, passing through Frank Zappa’s rock universe or Trombone Shorty, Snarky Puppy, Chlorine Free and Youngblood Brass Band.
In THS we find a Hendrixian guitarist, a latin percussionnist, an electro keyboard player, four jazz horns and a « heavy funk » drum and bass duo.
Founding its work on composition, the group’s career is following a constant acceleration since its creation.
After 8 years of existance, the production of 2 EPs (mini-albums), and with around 50 concerts given in France and Belgium,
The HeadShakers release their first eponymous album on downloading platforms in 2015.
Franck Tortiller, vibraphone player and artisitc director of the french National Jazz Orchestra from 2005 to 2008, is our guest of honor on the title « Life is science fiction ».
Since 2015, Napoleon Murphy Brock, 7 years Zappa’s lifelong accomplice and exceptional multi instrumentalist and singer becomes A SPECIAL FEATURED GUEST through his stage participation in the band’s incredible energy. And covering legendary albums of which he was initially part of: Apostrophe, Roxy&elsewhere, Onesizefitsall… by bringing the Mothers’ quirky and creative spirit.