THE HEAD SHAKERS & Napoleon Murphy Brock +++_-44


Based on 8 years of experience during which they have produced 2 EPs and an album (eponymous/autoproduction 2014) and taken part in the biggest jazz festivals throughout France (Jazz à Vienne, Jazz sous les Pommiers, TourcoingJazz), THE HEADSHAKERS are now rising up to a new challenge: to breathe life back into the great Frank Zappa’s gigantic masterpiece. They tackle the maestro’s masterpiece with an « accomplished groove spirit » through a new show in which the musicians render the explosive atmosphere of the 70s scene whilst respecting the creator of Mother’s of invention’s rigour and derision.
Napoleon Murphy Brock, 7 years Zappa’s lifelong accomplice and exceptional multi instrumentalist and singer becomed A SPECIAL FEATURED GUEST during three exceptional shows with the band in 2015 and 2016. And covering legendary albums of which he was initially part of: Apostrophe, Roxy&elsewhere, Onesizefitsall… by bringing the Mothers’ quirky and creative spirit.
«Impeccable virtuoso performance, instrumental prolifération, astonishing, infectious good spirit: all the ingrédients are there for both experts and novices to dive back into the atmosphère of Zappa gigs. With the Headshakers, the moustached iconoclast’s music has no chance to become a dusty museum artefact. On the contrary, twenty years after his creator’s death, it is more alive and spirited than ever».
Aymeric Leroy is the author of the reference book entitled « Progressive rock » published in 2010 by le Mot et le reste